Microsoft Office remains king of the office world, from simple memos to multi-page spreadsheets. Like anyone familiar with a computer, PC or Mac, I know my way around these programs so well that when I am reworking raw files from a client's web pages or an ancient third-party inventory program it is not word-processing, it is word-pureeing. Here are a few of the more practical examples of my work:

E-Mail Correspondence

Part of my responsibilities at Tilton Equipment included providing prompt, polite and accurate replies to inquiries which are e-mailed in through our online portals. Most are simple dealer location inquiries, but some require additional information concerning manuals, gas/oil mix ratios, and specials.

As a result, I composed a series of common replies that permits me to quickly reply to the majority of these questions.

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Packing List / Cover Letter Correspondence

I have a great deal of experience handling mass mailings via the U.S. Postal Service, and UPS Shipments to the Tilton Warehouse in Indiana, sales representatives and dealers in Tilton Equipment's national network.

Then there are special projects, such as this packing list that was included with a 13 pound, 1,000+ page proof of performance package I was in charge of assembling and sending to Jonsered's new corporate advertising agency, which explains how the contents are arranged, to ensure that Tilton Equipment will be fully reimbursed for their promotional campaign for Jonsered Power Equipment.

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Dealer Correspondence

Tilton Equipment Company permits dealers to do their own advertising in return for co-op credits, provided it is done according to the policy letter. One of my duties was to review those advertisements to make sure they were acceptable, log the co-op credit due in Excel and in a ledger, file the documentation, and when neccessary, send a dealer a Co-Op Requirements Reminder letter.

This is a standard letter I composed, which would be modified as needed and a copy would be sent to the dealer, their sales representative, kept with their co-op application papers, and one in a dedicated binder for easy access in the event the dealer called up asking why they did not get the full amount of co-op requested. In those rare cases, I had to calm down the dealer and explain the situation to them to their satisfaction.

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Organizational Skills

The key to any office is to remain organized. But how to demonstrate it?

Here's an example of how I have been setting up a dedicated hard drive for photography on my home iMac computer for years, a system in this case that sorts by time, topic and area, in this case showing a photo of myself at Corfe Castle, England. This was during a trip I took in the spring of 2012, when I took over 4,000 shots in twelve days - and sorted them in short order on my return. Mac OS has color coding to help label noteable photos (red and orange) and poor photos (green and blue).

Whether it is a PC or a Mac, paper or digital, you will find I do my all to keep things organized.

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Co-Op Application Form done in Excel

Tilton Equipment offers co-op credits for dealers who advertise, on the condition that they provide proof, and fill out this form. The original file was lost, so I reset it in Microsoft Excel. It is available for dealers to download from the dealer website as either a .pdf file for manual entry, or as a spreadsheet file with preset formulas that may be opened in Excel or Openoffice to further assist tech-savvy dealers.

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Fax Mail Merge Letter done in MS Word and Excel

Tilton Equipment maintains a mass e-mail list with Constant Contact for dealers who are interested in special deals. As with any e-mail list, there are a certain number of bounces due to bad e-mail name entry, change of names, and other factors.

When this happens, a spreadsheet is prepared with the dealer information, and mail merged with this form letter I created. Two attempts are made to fax this, then it is mailed out to the dealer to get their correct address.

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Order Form set up in MS Word

This is a special display order form used by sales representitves who are setting dealers up with special display units for Jonsered Power Equipment. It was set up in MS Word using tables, and was designed to be easily sent by fax from the dealership to our office to place the order.

Personally, I have taken orders from dealers, and made arrangements to have unique promotional items such as illuminated signs with their imprint

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Powerpoint presentations

Of course I can do Powerpoint presentations as needed.

This example was one of a series sent out to dealers as part of their advertising kit CD-ROM that could be quietly run as a sort of screen saver on their store PC, highlighting the key points of A/R Pressure Pump technology.

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