Whether you need a beautiful, subtle advertisement, or something big and loud, I can create one to suit the client’s needs. The selection below is a few of the many advertisements I created during my years at the Atlantic News, some that were made with the salesperson or client sitting next to me while it was composed, and some where the salesperson just shoved little more than a name and address under my nose and told me to do an ad ASAP.

Older Advertising Design Samples

Created in 1999, this ad was the last color ad I created using a standard photograph, and fixed up in Photoshop. Entered in the New England Press Association's Annual Better Newspaper Contest, the ad took Second Prize in the Local Advertisement (Color) category. The Atlantic News withdrew from the New England Press Association after that due to the rapidly rising membership costs.
Can you see the newspaper on the table in this photograph? I hope not. I had to remove it for the client, and make a few other tweaks to the image in the course of building this particular ad. The newspaper was on the corner of the table nearest the viewer by the way. Total time to fix that part of the problem: under 10 minutes.
This client wanted their ad to look like a normal newspaper article - and we obliged. They provided the copy, and a photo they wanted fixed, where the hotel would be obscured by fall leaves, and the silhouette of a piano was placed over it. It was done largely with the client sitting there, dictating exactly what she wanted.



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