The web and multimedia may add flash to any project, but in the end, it takes a good graphic designer to come up with something that catches the viewer's attention to make a product or campaign stand out from the rest.

Not only do I know how to design, but I know how to solicit quotes from publications and printers, determine the best pricing, and handle the proofing and billing of any project from start to finish.

Logo Design

Not every company needs a new logo, but when they do, I have a talent to create something practical that looks good in all mediums for all budgets, which pleases the client.

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Advertising Design

With over twenty years of experience in the print industry, I know how to make an eye-catching advertisement, whether it is an award-winning one-off full color ad such as the one you see here at the top, or part of an advertising kit sent out to dealers, such as the sample below.

Whether you're looking for consistant corporate boilerplate advertising that enforces a brand's look, or something new, I can turn simple specifications into something any client will be interested in.

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Product Packaging

Not every project is a simple ad, book, pocket brochure or flyer. Sometimes more complex problems have to be tackled, such as a sleeve for a brush cutter blade pictured at the top, or a label for a spool of trimmer line as pictured below.

Product Sales

Knowing what printers are capable of doing, preparing the specifications and applying it to unique jobs is another facet of my long experience. In this mock-up sample for approval, the hang tags were to be printed on card stock, with the top corners trimmed at 45 degree angles, and a hole ponched for the printer to add an elastic string so that the tags could hang off the product on display in a dealer's store.


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