Here is a sampling of projects I have worked on from start to finish that have gone to print. To highlight the best pages, these graphics are presented as a .pdf format when you click on the link.

Total Accessory Catalog

Tilton Equipment Company's TOTAL (Top Of The Accessory Line) catalog is currently a 372 page full color publication given to participating dealers to help them locate after market replacement parts to maintain and repair power equipment, such as chain saws, trimmers, pressure washers and so on. An automatically updated index and table of contents were set up within this publication.

An easily searchable, but non-printable secure .PDF version was also created and sent out on request to dealers on CD-ROM.

This was composed in Corel Ventura, an older layout program, so many key illustrations and elements were created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to ensure their proper appearance.

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Jonsered Power Equipment Pocket Flier

The Jonsered Power Equipment Company provides their own catalog materials set up on A4 paper for Tilton Equipment Company, a costly expense for casual customers who may want to know a little more about the products available. I proposed, developed and set up this trifold flier to help promote the product cheaply and efficiently. It has been quite popular and has gone through multiple printings.

It was composed in Corel Draw, with the tables created in MS Excel to ease editing as models are added or discontinued.

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Jonsered Accessory Catalog

Tilton Equipment Company offers a variety of Jonsered-branded accessories, ranging from boots and guide bars to t-shirts and stickers; these are highlighted in their own catalog that I composed from scratch.

This was composed in Serif Page Plus X4 as the department head wanted to see if that program could replace Corel Ventura in future projects.

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Greenland Grapevine


This summer I was approached to volunteer doing page layout work on the Greenland Grapevine, a quarterly tabloid newspaper that is mailed to homes in the town of Greenland, New Hampshire. Although I neither created the original look, nor did the ad design for this publication, the final product looks quite sharp.

Composed in Adobe InDesign.

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Beach News


The Beach News was a newspaper I worked on as production manager, editor, and writer during my time at the Atlantic News. Unlike the other publications on this page which could be polished to perfection, this 28 to 60 page publication needed to be assembled within three days every week for fifteen summer weeks. The selected edition and pages includes my photography and stories that ran in August, 2006.

It was composed using Adobe InDesign, as were all publications at the Atlantic News prior to my departure.

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