Photo Manipulation Samples

There are practical applications for photo manipulation; in this case, I had to deal with a pair of boots, (also seen in the apparel section) where one shoelace was too short. The solution here was to take the one boot that had its laces intact, shoot both sides, and flip one photo horizontally. The casual observer won't notice the trick, but since I was working on it this way I left an edge on the closer boot to help it pop out, since the art would also be used and modified for black and white solicitation fliers and faxes to dealers.

One toy saw- turned into two. We required images of the saw in its packaging, and out of the packaging for solicitations to the dealers. To simplify things, I put both in the same image for use in solicitation fliers. A Beauty shot of the toy appears in the product section.

When the Portsmouth Herald had a contest for 'filling the gap' after they removed the Memorial Bridge's center span, I submitted the photo above; the cruise ship was the Carnival Celebration, which I had taken a picture of years before on a cruise in the Bahamas. Note the extra care taken to add shadows onto the ship, which made it my choice for the contest. The other one, below, I didn't submit, but had a fun time rendering the UFO in an old 3-D program called Ray Dream Designer and inserting it as many times as I could.



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