I can write; I can edit. Best of all, I can do it on the fly, and make sure the final product is interesting to the reader.

As Production Manager at the Atlantic News, I was made the Editor of several smaller publications that the Atlantic News editors didn't wish to deal with. The Beach News, a summer publication was my main responsibility, but there was more: Home Improvement articles, reporting, crafting captions for photos and copy for ads out of rough notes all fell into my capable hands.

In terms of technical writing, I am more than capable of composing precise operational manuals and instruction sheets to assist a person with no experience through the steps neccessary to complete a task.

Here are a few short examples:

Social Media

Yes, I know my way around Social Media. You can check out my current ramblings in Travels with Trixie, done in Wordpress, which highlights our past travels as an example of what I can do for you.

You can also read some of my 160+ reviews on Trip Advisor to see what I am capable of on a more cut and dried promotional level here.

Technical Writing

Most of Tilton Equipment's dealers are expert mechanics, but they are not adept with computers or printing. To assist them, I would routinely walk them through steps with their Tilton sponsored website page, and provide instructions on how to use creative promotional materials, such as this inexpensive post card mailer they could have made up on their own.

Press Release

Need to mow a lotta grass without a lotta cash?

Then take a look at the Yard Shark. With more standard features and better pricing, the Yard Shark offers a smooth ride to profits, thanks to quality construction and easy handling. The steepest slopes and toughest terrain will be mowed over in no time flat thanks to the Yard Shark’s high speed and low center of gravity.  With riding and walk-behind models available, there is no job too large or small for the Yard Shark to take on.

For information, visit booth #1196, go Online to www.yardsharkmowers.com, or call 1-800-447-1152.

The example to the left required a one hundred word budget to promote one of Tilton Equipment Company's products and the booth in the GIE+EXPO a major outdoor power equipment expo held on Louisville, Kentucky every fall.

Public Relations

How it Started - How its Grown

It all began in 2000 with twenty-five cents. One quarter. The New Hampshire Quarter to be precise.

Local artist and master sand sculptor Gregory Grady was commissioned by the U.S. Mint to create a larger than life replica of the new tail side edition New Hampshire quarter out of ten tons of sand during the Hampton Beach Children's Festival. At the time, it was just a part if the statewide celebration held for the release of that coin. It was something Hampton Beach had never seen the likes of before!

Fortunately, it was something Hampton Beach would see again. The following year, the first annual Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpture Competition was held. When 220 tons of imported sand was trucked into the beach with Gregory Grady and his 'bunch' laboring for five days on the sponsor site followed by a three day competition of ten world class masters creating their own unique sculpture, a new era was born and sand sculpture had arrived to the northeast. Over the course of the event nothing but sand, water, and a bit of their own creativity is used to create astonishing works of art out of shapeless heaps of sand. When completed they are sprayed with windscreen (a solution of school glue and water) to protect them from the elements and remain standing for viewing for weeks creating a free museum of master pieces on the beach.

This invitational only event has grown in leaps and bounds making it the largest Masters competition in the Northeast United States. This year Hampton Beach will feature a sponsor site of 150 tons, Ten world class masters vying for $15,000.00 in purse and entry awards, free lessons and will be illuminated at night for viewing and much much more. Hampton has attracted the attention of millions of visitors who came to watch something which is part sculpture part performance art.

It is something you have to see in person to believe.

Because Hampton has great world class sand sculpting and a whole lot more!

Having covered Hampton Beach for the better part of a decade, the Beach District approached me to write some copy for their website a few years back. It is still in use and has been updated, just look for articles ending with "...and a whole lot more." which I proposed and they took up as a tag line throughout the site.

The Sand Sculpting competition was one of those event I covered from the start; out of thousands of photos and numerous articles, I came up with a book, Arti-Sands at Hampton Beach, which is one of the few titles out there on the art of sand sculpting.

More of my old newspaper articles and copies of the old Atlantic News can be found at the Lane Memorial Library Website. One of the last series I did for the Beach News was "A Visitor's ABC's of the Seacoast".


Radio Script

Tilton Equipment supports hundreds of independent dealers who sell Jonsered Power Equipment. In this case, I set up advertising kit content, and in this case, the complete script and instructions for a radio advertisement any dealer can adopt as needed. You can view a .PDF of this script by clicking here.

Clerical Writing
If you missed clicking on the Clerical Work link, you missed on examples of my polite and professional customer e-mail replies, an example of a uniquely instructive packing list, and a common dealer advertising reminder letter.









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