Do you need someone who is Creative?

Provide me with a challenge and I will provide a solution on budget and on time, whether it is essential office management, or creative brilliance that brings together writing, photography, design, and production to ensure the success of your project or business.

Do you need someone who is Organized?

Having worked in dynamic business environments, I know how important it is to keep track of people, records, budgets and ongoing projects, while maintaining strict confidentiality. In addition, I am an adept researcher, capable of finding out information on prospective clients, destinations, or product vendors.

Do you need someone with Extensive Experience?

My time at the National Passport Center, T.E.C. Importers and Distributors, and Atlantic Publications has given me the broad executive experience you are seeking in someone to keep multiple projects and tasks running smoothly. From routine, accurate record keeping to urgent special projects, I have the skills to stay on top of things, and make sure projects reach a successful conclusion. What I don’t know, I try to learn and apply as quickly as possible, in a practical, common sense way.

Do you need Marketing Savvy?

Being an “expert” graphic designer or marketing “master” with a pedigree is one thing, getting the nuances of English correct or the experience of appealing to a large audience is another. You will find I can compose copy, edit effortlessly, and proof on the fly in addition to designing eye-catching advertisements, logos and layout for in print or online, while avoiding the pitfalls that could ruin your brand in an instant in these days of toxic social media.

Do you need someone Reliable?

More importantly, do you need someone who will work with your existing team to achieve those goals during good times and bad? My dedication and drive speak for themselves through the countless projects I have worked on, and the many times I have implemented cost and time saving improvements to make existing procedures work more smoothly.

What do I want?

An awesome new set of challenges, working for a concern that is already great but is still looking for ways to improve, and a fine group of folks to work with. Whether you are looking for above average office administration, or a great multitalented position player, I am quite possibly the best candidate you will find if you need an honest, dedicated employee who is in there for your long-term success.