Copywriting is a craft unto its own. Hand over the framework of what is needed, what it needs to do, the audience, and before you know it, a handsomely crafted story that gets to the point will be ready to promote your brand.
Here are a few of my samples…

Copywriting Plus Layout

Provide me with the basic details of a business, product, event, or topic, and not only can I provide captivating copy, but I can lay it out in eye-catching ways.

Check out the gallery…

Product Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words, and an attractive one can make a thousand and one sales!

Scenic & Stock Photography

In addition, I possess a large selection of images from across the New Hampshire Seacoast region and elsewhere.


Need a unique logo that will stand the test of time, and look great in color or black and white? No need to worry, I take that into account when creating logos that will last!

Beyond Paper

From fabric to plastic, embroidery to iron-on, you will find I have experience working with a variety of mediums and packaging that winds up looking great every time!