Ahoy Press

Who is Ahoy Press?

The fellow behind Ahoy Press is John Hirtle, a lifelong Seacoast resident with twenty-five years of experience in the fields of graphic design, printing, editing, writing, photography, illustration, and more. See a few samples!

What is Ahoy Press?

Ahoy Press is currently a private imprint, but if you have a small book project in mind, we can certainly work something out to get your project from draft to published! At the present time, I am just starting up with town history projects, which include “A Brief History of Greenland NH

When can it be done?

As this is a part-time project, and I have other clients and obligations, it depends on the season and current workload, not to mention what you want done. Rest assured, once the project begun I will work to get it finished to your satisfaction as soon as possible.

Where is Ahoy Press?

It’s based in Greenland NH, and is available for people located in the New Hampshire Seacoast region.

Why Ahoy Press?

Why not? I’m providing a small service for authors who are looking for a small, affordable service without all the bells and whistles and expenses offered by other publishers.

How much will it cost?

The initial consultation is free. If the project is going to go ahead, I request a $90 deposit towards the first three hours of work. My hourly rate is currently $30 an hour, rounded to the nearest quarter hour.


Do I really have a printing press?

No.  What I will do is review your project and goals, do layout and prepress, provide quotes to you from qualified printers, and either handle the printing for you, or provide you with information so you can do it yourself.

Do I do marketing?

Not really, and not on a mass marketing level.  I can provide posters, bookmarks, press releases and so on as required for local sales, but for a national audience you really want to look elsewhere.

Do I do editing?

Yes, I will review your copy for errors that may have crept in, and make suggestions, but this is your work, and I tend to edit with a very light touch.

How many copies do I need to print?

That’s up to you.  My job is to do everything to prepare your project for a professional print job. You can print as few as one copy, twenty, or hundreds.

What do I walk away with?

At a bare minimum, you will get a CD-ROM or USB flash drive with all your files, a print-ready file of your finished project, a print ready file of the cover, and any extras requested, such as fliers, bookmarks, etc. You will not get the work files, fonts, and so on, so if there is a change desired later on, you will have to contact me. I will retain a local copy of all files in case something happens to your copy. 

How do I get in touch?