Writing + Layout = Awsomeness!

Here are a few samples of my writing, photography, and layout skills that will make things pop!

At the present time, I manage and maintain the Hampton Beach Casino website that highlights the amusements, restaurants, and shopping available on their properties between C and F Streets. This comprises twenty to thirty businesses each season, each with a different set of priorities and products! It requires regular updates through the summer, and maintenance during the winter.

Visit the Website or visit the Facebook page, where I post photos and copy under the manager’s name.

In 2021, the town of Greenland was celebrating its tricentennial. I had the pleasure of writing, laying out, and making the arrangements to publish 1,000 copies of a full color glossy 8-panel flier that had a map and highlighted points of interest around the town.

View a sample .pdf file of this flier

Following up on that community project, I researched, wrote, and laid out a 28 page booklet highlighting the history of Greenland, which is being used at the Greenland Central School to educate students about the town. To keep printing costs down, it is done in black and white with colored paper. Copies are for sale at the town office to help cover printing costs.

View a sample .pdf chapter of the booklet