What is multimedia? For most it includes videos, programming apps, and doing cute animations. For me, it's almost any oddball medium that you can come up with, from flags to decals, each has its own set of problems that must be solved.

Flags, Fabrics, and Giveaway Items

Printing on fabric can be a vexing task, given the nature of the material. I've done my share of t-shirts, from one-color to process color prints, and while technology may make it easier, there is always some new twist to embroidering, decals, die-cuts, patches, flags or other giveaway items. Trust me, I know how to handle this sort of thing from putting out quote requests to proofing pre-production samples.



Mail remains a good way to get the word out to a specific targeted audience - but costs spiral out of control if you don't pay attention to the rules put down by the post office. Size and weight count as much as design. In this case, I created a do-it-yourself post card for Jonsered Dealers to use that would cost as little as possible to produce and mail. Click here to view the entire project.

Video Presentations


I began learning how to edit video with Super 8 film. From there, it's gotten a lot easier over the years. I know my way around Powerpoint, and a variety of audio-video programs.

Even more importantly, I know how to take archival video tape and bring it into the PC for editing and conversion into playable DVDs. A sample of this work can be found on Youtube, although I should warn you, the quality of the 15 year old source video had degraded considerably by the time I got it.


Yes, I know powerpoint; more importantly, I know how to put a presentation together that will hit the high points, such as this sample concerning the Promotional Mix, which explains most of my marketing philosophy.



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